10 Valuable Error Coins Proving That Weirdness Is Worth a Lot

One of only three known examples, the debate over whether it was intentional or a mistake adds mystique to this pure gold penny. The finest specimen fetched $141,000 at auction in 2013.

1900 Indian Cent on Gold Planchet:

This modern rarity combines the familiar Lincoln cent obverse with a Roosevelt dime reverse, a product of stringent US Mint quality.

1999 Lincoln Cent Muled With Roosevelt Dime:

A single surviving instance where a 1905 Indian cent die struck a gold planchet, highlighting its extreme rarity and purity. Its pristine condition saw it sell for $123,375 in 2015.

1905 Indian Cent on Gold Planchet

With only four confirmed specimens, this error coin from 2001 combines a Lincoln cent obverse with a Roosevelt dime reverse, underscoring its modern rarity.

2001-D Lincoln Cent Muled With Roosevelt Dime:

Uniquely crafted from three dime planchets, forming a clover leaf shape stamped with Eisenhower dollar dies, this oddity of numismatic history dates to around 1971 or 1972 and sold for $105,000 in 2021.

"Clover Leaf" Eisenhower Dollar:

An intriguing instance where a 1970-S Washington quarter was mistakenly struck on a planchet intended for an 1898 $5 gold coin.

1970-S Washington Quarter on 1898 $5 Coin:

This exceptional coin melds a Sacagawea dollar planchet with the profile of George Washington, an error so rare that only eleven genuine examples are known to exist.

Sacagawea Dollar Muled With Washington Quarter:

A notable example of an off-center strike, where Lady Liberty and the eagle on the reverse are dramatically skewed, creating a visually striking and highly sought-after gold coin.

1904 $20 Liberty Double Eagle Off Center:

An extraordinary anomaly where the design of a buffalo nickel was struck on a planchet intended for a $5 gold coin, showcasing an unexpected marriage of two iconic US coin designs.

1913 Buffalo Nickel on Half Eagle Planchet:

Remarkable for its 40% off-center strike, this Morgan dollar exhibits a large blank planchet area, emphasizing the extent of the minting error and making it a unique find in numismatic circles.

1880-S Morgan Dollar 40% Off Center: