11 Unflattering, Outdated Hairstyles To Avoid Over 50

Skip Lobs With Baby Bangs

Baby bangs can highlight wrinkles and sagging skin, so opt for a lob with curtain bangs that frame the face and minimize aging signs.

Skip Center-Parted Lobs Without Layers

Middle parts can emphasize forehead wrinkles and thinning hair, so choose a deep side part with layers for added volume and a youthful appearance.

Skip Shaggy Lobs With Long Bangs

Over-layering in shag cuts can make hair appear limp and thin, so go for a delicately layered shag with eyebrow-grazing bangs for a versatile and youthful look.

Skip Chin-Length Bobs with Blunt Bangs

Blunt bangs with a chin-length bob can draw attention to lines and aging features, so try a layered lob with curtain bangs that better frame the face.

Skip Pin-Straight Long Hair

Long, straight hair can pull features down and look lifeless, so opt for face-framing layers and longer side bangs to add movement and highlight facial features.

Skip Mid-Length Bobs

Bobs ending at the neck can emphasize fine lines and wrinkles, so choose a chin-length or collarbone-length cut to draw attention to more flattering areas.

Skip One-Length Bobs

One-length bobs can make hair look dull and emphasize aging, so add face-framing layers and a side part for more volume and a youthful appearance.

Skip Pixies with Blunt Bangs

Pixie cuts with blunt bangs can highlight age-related features, so choose side-swept bangs or longer, layered bangs to enhance cheekbones and add volume.

Skip Pixies with Baby Bangs

Micro bangs in a pixie cut can draw attention to forehead wrinkles, so opt for wispier fringe or side-swept bangs for a slimming effect and added volume.

Skip Rounded 80s-Esque Cuts

Rounded cuts with flipped ends are outdated and can age your look, so try an asymmetrical lob for a modern, refreshing style that highlights facial symmetry.

Skip One-Length Pixies

One-length pixies can make hair look flat and highlight thinning, so incorporate subtle layers to add movement and create the illusion of thicker, more youthful hair.