2024 NBA Finals: Kyrie Irving remains the focus as the Mavs try to avoid a 3-0 hole

Irving has yet to make a significant impact in the NBA Finals, shooting just 35.1% and failing to hit a single 3-pointer in the first two games.

Kyrie Irving's Struggles: 

The Celtics have made it a priority to stop Irving, putting him in spots where he's less effective offensively and forcing him to be on the back line defensively.

Defensive Focus: 

With Jayson Tatum also struggling, the Mavericks heavily rely on Irving to score, making his offensive production crucial for their success.

Need for Offensive Contribution: 

Irving has shown resilience and the ability to bounce back in previous playoff series, such as against the Oklahoma City Thunder and Minnesota Timberwolves.

Previous Playoff Performances:

Celtics employ team defense to make it difficult for Irving, showing him multiple bodies and making him take tough shots.

Defensive Strategies:

The status of Kristaps PorziF#is' health impacts the dynamics of the series, potentially affecting Irving's offensive opportunities.

Importance of Kristaps PorziF#is' Health:

Irving's leadership is essential for the younger Mavericks team, requiring more than just shot-making from him to rally the team.

 Leadership Role:

Despite being down 0-2, Irving approaches the situation with gratitude, acknowledging the opportunity to respond and grow as a team.

Gratefulness for Opportunity: