4 Trade Packages For Brandon Aiyuk That 49ers Couldn't Deny Amid NFL Holdout

49ers' Contract Impasse with Aiyuk

Brandon Aiyuk, the star wide receiver for the San Francisco 49ers, is entering the final year of his rookie contract. He has decided to hold out from the team's mandatory minicamp as he seeks.

49ers' Offer vs. Aiyuk's Demand

The San Francisco 49ers have reportedly put forth an offer in the $26 million annual range for Aiyuk. However, Aiyuk is allegedly looking for a contract that exceeds the $28 million per year deal.

Potential Benefits of Trading Aiyuk

If the 49ers and Aiyuk cannot reach an agreement, trading Aiyuk could be a beneficial move for San Francisco. It would not only free up significant salary cap space, allowing the team to allocate.

Pittsburgh Steelers Trade Proposal

The Pittsburgh Steelers could offer a 2025 first-round pick and tight end Darnell Washington in exchange for Aiyuk. Adding Aiyuk to their roster would significantly enhance their receiving.

New York Jets Trade Proposal

The New York Jets are in a win-now mode with veteran quarterback Aaron Rodgers leading the team. Trading for Aiyuk could involve offering their 2025 first-round and second-round picks. Acquiring Aiyuk would bolster the Jets'.

49ers' Contract Impasse with Aiyuk

The Green Bay Packers emerged as unexpected contenders last season and are looking to build on that success. Trading wide receiver Christian Watson and a 2025 second-round pick for Aiyuk.

Watson s Potential in San Francisco

Christian Watson, a young and talented wide receiver, has shown great potential despite limited appearances due to injuries. With 14 total touchdowns in his first 23 NFL games, 

Los Angeles Chargers Trade Proposal

The Los Angeles Chargers are looking to support their star quarterback, Justin Herbert, with elite receiving talent. A potential trade could involve offering edge rusher Joey Bosa and a 2025.