6 Design Choices Pros Regret Using in Clients' Homes (And How They Fixed Them)

Using dark paint colors without considering lighting can make spaces feel cramped and gloomy. Testing paint samples in different lighting conditions is now a standard practice.

Ignoring Lighting Needs with Dark Paint Colors

Trendy white or gray-toned wood floors can quickly look dated and show dirt easily. Designers now prefer timeless wood tones like white oak or walnut for flooring.

Opting for Non-Natural Toned Wood Flooring

While touchless faucets seem modern, they can be unreliable and difficult to maintain. Many designers now recommend sticking with manual faucets for reliability.

Installing Touchless Faucets

Past trendy choices like pink cabinets and countertops can quickly feel outdated. Designers now suggest keeping permanent fixtures neutral and adding color through less.

Choosing Pink Kitchen Cabinets and Countertops

Floating shelves were trendy but can look cluttered and collect dust. Designers now prefer vintage cabinets or consoles with doors for a curated look.

Using Floating Shelves Instead of Cabinets

Bold wall colors can be fun initially but may lose their appeal quickly. Designers recommend using trendy colors as accents rather than primary wall colors.

Painting Walls Bold Colors like Purple

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