7 Best Exercises To Lose Weight And Burn Calories At Home Naturally

A person weighing ninety kilograms burns approximately one thousand calories by running at a pace of eight kilometers per hour for at least fifty minutes.

Running at 8 km/hr

This sport, which can burn up to 950 calories in a person weighing 90 kg, is unquestionably the most strenuous.


A person weighing ninety kg can burn over a thousand calories by jumping rope quicker and longer.

Jump rope

You can burn up to 850 calories by swimming vigorously for up to 50 minutes.

Rigorous swimming

Run up a lengthy flight of steps at your fastest pace, then repeat the process for fifty minutes.

Running upstairs

Playing lawn tennis vigorously is a wonderful way to burn 730 calories and get exercise.

Lawn Tennis

You can burn as much as 660 calories in an hour by participating in high impact aerobics.

High intensity aerobics