7 Interesting Facts About Grizzly Bears

To put it another way, nobody hunts them save for people. They rank among the most hazardous animals since they are at the top of the food chain.

They re apex predators

They have lived up to their moniker, from their silver-tipped fur to their somewhat gnarly fur when they become upset. 

There s a reason they re called grizzly

For obvious reasons, grizzly bears are also frequently referred to as brown bears. 

They re a subspecies

You don't want to annoy a grizzly bear. These enormous creatures can crush a human with their massive size while they claw at them.

Their size is a big reason to stay away from them

They are undoubtedly hunters, but they also appreciate a good piece of carrion. Simply avoid getting in their way.

They re opportunists

Grizzlies will share the river with salmon when they are running, even though they do not travel in packs. 

You can usually see a few of them hunting salmon

A mature grizzly bear can run 30 miles per hour. Thus, it is best not to try to outrun a grizzly.

They aren t slow