7 Simple Exercises To Make stronger Your Relationship

1. Keep track of the good stuff

Name at least five things that your partner does regularly that show they love you. Keep track of the little and big things that you both do or say that make you feel close and loved.

2. Hold hands

Find as many opportunities as you can to hold hands with your partner today. Then, spend a few minutes talking about something in your life that is causing you stress and anxiety.

3. Read to each other

Write down a few of your partner's annoying habits that sometimes make things difficult in your relationship. (These small fights usually happen over housework like paying the bills, doing the laundry, or making the bed.)

4. Accept the small problems

Help each other choose and talk about them without being judged. Use the talk to find a good quality that could help you understand the behavior. It's possible that your husband leaves his things in the doorway every night.

5. Share your perfect day

Imagine your perfect day, and share it with your partner over a meal. Discuss it in as much detail as possible so that you reveal information about your likes, dislikes, hopes and dreams.

6. Feel each other s heartbeat

Face each other and stand up. Put your right hand on the chest, just above the heart, of the person next to you. Bring your left hand up to your chest and put it over the hand of your partner.

7. Practice gratitude together

Showing gratitude on a daily basis is a common mindfulness practice proven to boost happiness, help us get better sleep and even reduce illness.