8 Best Costco Bakery Items For Summer 2024

Key Lime Pie:

Seasonal delight with a sweet-tart balance, beloved for its creamy texture and refreshing citrus flavor, a standout at Costco's bakery.

Caramel Flan:

A decadent Latin-American treat, Costco's version boasts a luscious caramel custard that's occasionally criticized for its consistency.

Strawberry and Cream Bar Cake:

A delightful summer treat featuring layers of strawberry jam and whipped cream sandwiched between dense vanilla cake.

Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies:

Irresistibly soft and chewy, perfect for satisfying sweet cravings or feeding a crowd at gatherings, a must-try Costco offering.

Apple Pie:

A classic favorite, Costco's double-crust apple pie charms with its balanced sweetness and hearty apple filling, ideal for festive occasions.

Tuxedo Cake:

Indulgent and luxurious, this chocolate mousse cake resembles a restaurant dessert, capturing the hearts of Costco patrons with its richness.

Banana Cream Pie:

New and in-demand, praised for its creamy texture and graham cracker crust, a promising addition to Costco's dessert lineup.

Mixed Berry Cheesecake:

A lavish cheesecake crowned with sour cream and a medley of berries, hinting at becoming a new summer sensation at Costco.