8 Best Cuts for Wavy Hair

Medium-Length Waves

You appear young with this Taylor Swift-inspired medium-length hairdo. Soft, textured fringe lightens the cut. Trim hair below the collarbone and texturize the fringe for a soft, flowing style.

Short Curly Bobs

Waves are easy on short curly bobs. This haircut's long layers provide volume and are easy to style. Disperse or air-dry your preferred curl product after washing for exquisite, easy curls.

Long Layered Bob

Long, face-framing bobs boost waves. The face-lifting volume of this haircut suits all hair types. To lose weight and promote movement, have your stylist cut to the collarbone with lengthy layers in the back.

Short Layered Bob

The classic short-layered bob can be worn wavy, straight, or slicked back with elegance. Keep the length below the jawline and add lengthy face-framing layers to soften facial characteristics.

Long Layered Cut

The simple, attractive long layered cut is easy to manage and air-dry. Apply styling product and go, or use a curling iron to add waves. For a sleek, low-maintenance appearance, this haircut is ideal.

Short Shag

Short shags are fun and light. Shorter, shag-like layers make this style easy to maintain. To create carefree, youthful waves, twirl sections with your fingers or use a diffuser to add volume and movement.

Long Layers

Enjoy the simplicity of a long-layered haircut, ideal for managing curly or wavy hair effortlessly. Enhance your natural curls with a curling iron, ensuring to use a heat protectant beforehand for added care.

Inverted Bob With Bangs

The inverted bob with face-framing fringe complements your features. Cut jawline length with texturized layers for mobility. Use a lightweight oil to tame, shine, and polish hair for a sleek, sophisticated look.