8 Fall Gardening Mistakes That Have a Long-Term Impact on Your Yard

Skipping Soil Testing: Neglecting to test your soil in the fall can lead to nutrient deficiencies and imbalances that persist into the next growing season.

Neglecting to Mulch: Mulching is essential for protecting plants' roots from temperature fluctuations and moisture loss during the winter months.

Overlooking Weed Control: Weeds can thrive in the fall and quickly spread throughout your garden if left unchecked.

Pruning at the Wrong Time: While fall is a great time for light pruning to remove dead or damaged branches, pruning too late in the season can stimulate new growth that is vulnerable to frost damage.

Failing to Prepare Perennials: Perennials need proper preparation to survive the winter and return vigorously in the spring.

Ignoring Proper Plant Placement: Planting shrubs or trees too close to structures or pathways can lead to long-term issues such as overcrowding.

Overwatering: While it's important to keep plants hydrated during dry spells, overwatering in the fall can lead to root rot and other moisture-related issues, particularly as temperatures drop.

Forgetting About Lawn Care: Lawns need attention in the fall to ensure healthy growth come springtime.