8 Gas Brands That Are a Waste of Money

Circle K

Circle K, once a top gas brand, has seen a significant decline in quality over the years, with reports of fuel system deposits and reduced mileage.


BP and Amoco, well-known brands, lack the necessary additives to maintain a top-tier standard, potentially leading to engine performance issues and reduced efficiency.


Despite ownership changes, Speedway continues to lag in gasoline additives, impacting its overall quality, though it's not the worst on the market.


Love's, known for service, falls short in gasoline additives, potentially causing fuel injector issues and engine efficiency problems.


Conveniently located next to grocery stores, Safeway gas stations may lead to long-term carbon buildup issues and engine problems.

Sam's Club

Popular for competitive pricing, Sam's Club lacks higher-quality additives in its gasoline, potentially leading to future engine issues.

Murphy USA

Conveniently located near Walmart stores, Murphy USA lacks higher-quality additives, impacting its overall gas quality despite its expansion.

Pilot Flying J

Primarily catering to trucks, Pilot Flying J's gasoline quality may not meet the standards required for regular vehicles, focusing more on truck stops.