8 Glorious Viking Hairstyles for Women: Top Haircut Ideas

Bob Cut

Astrid's bob cut is the show's easiest to copy. It is simple and modern, unlike other female characters' hairstyles on the program.

Loose Curls Tied Back

Torvi's tied-back loose curls are very easy to achieve. It works best on naturally curly or wavy hair, although straight hair can be curled or braided and left overnight.

Simple Loose Braid

Aslaug's loose braid is another basic hairstyle. It looks great, but it's best for occasions when you won't be moving much. This prevents braid unraveling.

High Ponytail

Upon closer inspection, two dutch braids on top of her head lead to the ponytail and then into braids that mingle with her free hair.

Loose Curls On The Side

Lagertha is a cool protagonist, but she likes being tender. Her typical haircut is very different from this one.

Two Braids

You've probably seen Yidu's two-braid haircut. These braids start as French braids and eventually become fishtail braids.

Two Dutch Braids On The Side

Two Dutch braids on the side give it the Viking aspect of a show-inspired hairdo, but it also has a laid-back vibe for everyday use.

Buzzed On The Side

Place your hips over your knees and your shoulders over your wrists while on your hands and knees on the ground. Step backward with one foot, then the other