8 Major Things to Never Do as a Cat Owner

8 Major Things to Never Do as a Cat Owner

Most veterinary professionals won't do this cruel treatment. Declawing a cat is prohibited in a few places, including Maryland and New York.


Proceed with spaying and neutering your cats, unless you intend to breed them.

Fail to Spay or Neuter

Even the most timid indoor cat may find itself lost and disoriented outside. Errors and natural calamities occur.

Forget to Microchip

There's a purpose to your cat's altered behaviour. They might be ill, injured, or dissatisfied with the improvements made to the house.

Ignore Changes in Behavior

Don't skip veterinary appointments, whether it's for a yearly examination or a follow-up after an illness or accident.

Skip Vet Appointments

Kittens' bodies create a digesting enzyme that enables them to process milk while they are still consuming it from their mothers.

Feed Cow's Milk

Leaving a food bowl full of kibbles open all day and night to allow your cats to serve themselves when they're hungry is known as free-feeding.


Although it can be difficult to refuse a persistent cat, cats shouldn't be fed table food. Onions and garlic are two common major ingredients that are poisonous to cats.

Give Them Table Food