8 Most Popular Types of Flowers Common in the US


Aconites are renowned for their cheery yellow colour and are among the first bulb flowers to bloom in the spring. Aconites have a pleasant, honey-like scent


Ageratums, also referred to as flossflowers, have blue, pink, and white blossoms. The smaller bedding kinds are better left in the garden, while the taller varieties are ideal for cutting


The artemisia is a great option if you're looking for a drought-tolerant plant that won't make your yard seem deserted. This silvery flower may be used to create a varied xeriscape


Asters, named after the Latin word meaning "star," provide brightness to any garden. It comes in blue, indigo, violet, white, red, and pink hues and is known to attract butterflies.


With their long, fern-like blossoms, astelias are surprisingly fragile plants. These blooms may truly grow to be one to six feet tall even in moist soil and shade. Ideal to add to a landscape


Aubrietas, named after the French painter Claude Aubriet, are low-growing flowers with violet, pink, or white blooms. Aubrietas are perfect for constructing a rock garden


Often called "the royalty of the garden," these graceful blooms are renowned for their exquisite leaves and colours. Azaleas come in hundreds of kinds, are low care once planted

Balloon Flower

Balloon flowers begin as hollow buds that ultimately burst open to reveal a star-shaped bloom as they mature. Balloon flowers are not only beautiful, but they can withstand changes in soil