8 See These Gorgeous Long Hairstyles Before Getting Short

Casual Braids

This side braid is perfect for everyday wear, especially during hot weather. It keeps hair out of your face and is ideal for no-wash days. Tutorial available on Twist Me Pretty.

Cascading Highlights

Highlights with an ombré feel give a dreamy look to long hair. These highlights grow out easily, reducing the need for frequent salon visits.

Long Natural Curls

Embrace your naturally curly hair for a stunning, enviable look. There's no need to straighten your curls; their natural beauty stands out.

Beachy Waves

Achieve perfect beachy waves without heat. These waves provide a carefree, ocean-inspired look. Tutorial available on Barefoot Blonde.

Fishtail Top Knot

Elevate the classic top knot with a fishtail braid for a more polished appearance. Tutorial available on Millennial Mama.

Long Bangs

Long hair allows for versatile long bangs that can be styled to keep them out of your face when needed.

Lace Braid Ponytail

This stylish ponytail is perfect for long hair, especially in hot weather. It shows that ponytails can be both functional and fashionable. 

Glamorous Faux Bob

For those hesitant to cut their long hair, a faux bob offers a short hairstyle look without the commitment of a big chop.