8 Shade-Loving Perennials That Bloom in the Fall

Actaea (Bugbane): With bottlebrush-shaped flowers on wiry stems, Actaea simplex adds a stunning candelabra effect to shady areas, complemented by deeply cut leaves and varieties

Blue Mistflower: Conoclinium coelestinum provides a pop of delicate light purple-blue flowers in late summer and fall, attracting pollinating insects and thriving in full sun to part shade

Bottle Gentian: Gentiana andrewsii features clusters of bottle-shaped blue flowers from late summer through fall, offering a striking shade of blue in shaded areas, preferred in partial sun

Coral Bells (Autumn Bride): Heuchera villosa, also known as Autumn Bride, boasts white flowers above velvety green leaves from midsummer into fall, showcasing good drought tolerance

Goldenrod (Zigzag): Solidago flexicaulis blooms bright flowers on upright stems, even in heavy shade, attracting pollinators from summer until frost and tolerating various soil types and light conditions.

Japanese Anemone: Eriocapitella x hybrida produces poppy-like blooms in late summer and early fall, complemented by sharply cut foliage, thriving in full sun to part shade with rich, well-draining soil.

Japanese Shrub Mint (Golden Angel): Leucosceptrum japonicum Golden Angel offers gold foliage and fragrant yellow-white flower stalks from spring until fall, contributing foliage interest

Japanese Toad Lily (Miyazaki): Tricyrtis hirta 'Miyazaki' features exotic spotted blooms in late summer and early fall, thriving in wet woodland gardens with consistently moist, rich soil