8 Simple and Cute Nail Designs to Try at Your Next Appointment

Glitter Stars: Shine bright with glossy, glittery stars adorning your nails. Perfect for beginners, create small triangles and connect them to achieve this dazzling look. 

Flame Tips: Spice up your French tips with lively flames in white or vibrant neon and primary colors. Revamp your nail game with this fiery design.

Pastel Hearts: Embrace sweetness with pastel-toned hearts, a delightful twist on the classic Valentine's Day motif. Ditch the traditional red and pink for a softer, dreamy vibe.

Green and Gold Accents: Elevate your manicure with elegant green and gold accents adorning the tips of your nails. A sophisticated negative space design that exudes charm and style.

Yellow Half Moons: Add a burst of color to your nails with vibrant yellow half moons at the base. Transform a subtle manicure into a statement piece with this playful pop of brightness.

Bejeweled: Strike the perfect balance of bling with heart-shaped jewels and golden starbursts. Eye-catching and easy to achieve, these nails are sure to dazzle.

Blooming Flowers: Let your nails bloom with bold colors and a gel base that creates mesmerizing petals. Watch as the colored dots expand and disperse, bringing your manicure to life.

Gel Fruit: Transform translucent gel hues into adorable fruits with just a few strokes of green polish. Whether on a neutral or bright base, these fruity accents are sure to delight.