8 Things You'll Only Find in the US

Iconic in the U.S., their bright yellow color, specifically formulated for safety in 1939, distinguishes them as a quintessential symbol of American childhood and school transportation.

Yellow school buses:

A service still found in some U.S. stores, it reflects a customer-focused approach uncommon in many countries where self-bagging is the norm.

Cashiers bagging your groceries:

Standard in American kitchens, these units simplify food waste disposal but are restricted elsewhere due to environmental concerns and regulatory bans.

Garbage disposals:

A convenience product unique to the U.S., it offers an easy way to enjoy cheese on the go, embodying American ingenuity in food innovation.

Spray cheese:

Pervasive across the U.S., these stores cater to late-night needs, contrasting sharply with the limited operating hours typical in many other countries.

24-hour convenience stores:

A cultural norm in American diners and cafes, free refills encourage customer satisfaction and prolonged stays, a hospitality gesture less common internationally.

Free coffee refills:

Integral to American service culture, tipping acknowledges good service across various industries, contrasting with varied tipping customs or no tipping norms in other nations.


Exclusive to the U.S., these cookies not only satisfy cravings but also support youth programs, symbolizing American community spirit and charitable fundraising traditions.

Girl Scout cookies: