8 tips to help you lose weight by walking

Increasing Walking Pace

Walking briskly burns more calories than walking slowly and can significantly aid in weight loss without needing to run.

Using a Weighted Vest

Wearing a weighted vest during walks increases calorie burn by making the body work harder, though caution is advised for those with back or neck issues.

Walking Uphill

Incorporating hills, stairs, or treadmill gradients into your walking routine two to three times a week boosts calorie expenditure.

Maintaining Proper Form

Keeping an upright posture and engaging core muscles while walking can enhance speed, stride length, and prevent injuries.

Adding Resistance Training

Integrating exercises like squats, pushups, and lunges into walks can elevate heart rate, build muscle, and make walking more engaging.

Power Walking Intervals

Alternating between fast walking and a regular pace during your walk increases calorie burn and improves cardiovascular fitness.

Multiple Short Walks

Taking several short walks throughout the day, especially after meals, can be more manageable and effective for controlling blood sugar than one long walk.

Listening to Music or Podcasts

 Engaging with music or podcasts can make walking more enjoyable and motivating, potentially encouraging longer or more frequent walks.