8 U.S. Tarantula Hotspots RANKED- States Where These Spiders Thrive

Non-native to Florida, these tarantulas were introduced as pets and have established in the state since the 1970s.

Florida's Mexican Redrump Tarantulas:

Texas hosts six tarantula species, including the Texas Brown Tarantula and the mysterious Aphonopelma moellendorfi.

Texas Tarantula Species:

Found in Louisiana, these tarantulas are brown with lighter cephalothoraxes and burrow extensively under rocks and logs.

Louisiana's Texas Brown Tarantula:

Arriving 8,000 years ago, tarantulas are the largest spiders in Arkansas, inhabiting regions from the Ozark Mountains to the Ouachita Mountains.

Arkansas's Tarantulas:

Commonly known as the Arizona blonde, the western desert tarantula is prevalent in Arizona, along with other species.

Arizona's Desert Tarantulas:

Colorado hosts four tarantula species, where male tarantulas participate in a seasonal migration or 'walkabout' in search of females.

Colorado's Tarantula Types:

Oklahoma brown tarantulas, identical to Texas brown tarantulas, reside near rocks and logs, occasionally appearing on roadways.

Oklahoma's Tarantulas:

Tarantulas are the largest native spiders in Kansas, primarily found in southern and western regions.

Kansas's Native Tarantulas: