8 Ways To Tell You're Middle-Class, Not Rich

Budget-Friendly Vacations

Middle-class individuals prioritize affordable travel options, focusing on local attractions or staying home rather than luxury destinations.

Home Ownership

Opting for comfortable homes over extravagant real estate, middle-class values practicality in housing choices rather than high-end properties.

Mid-Range Retailers

Enjoying bargain hunting at mid-range stores with sales and coupons, middle-class shoppers prioritize value over designer brands.

Cooking at Home

Preferring homemade meals for family bonding over dining out, middle-class households emphasize shared experiences over expensive restaurant dinners.

Investing in Experiences

Choosing community activities and skill-building workshops over material possessions, middle-class values moments with loved ones.

Second-Hand Shopping

Finding joy in thrift stores for unique finds, middle-class individuals embrace second-hand shopping for both necessity and enjoyment.

Prioritizing Savings

Emphasizing financial security through savings rather than impulsive spending, middle-class adheres to budgeting and emergency funds.

Public Education

Opting for reputable public schools and community colleges for affordability in education, middle-class families prioritize practicality over private institutions.