9 Delicious Quiche Recipes for Brunch and Beyond

Elevate your brunch or lunch with friends with this decadent chive-speckled quiche featuring a layer of Brie cheese. Courtesy of Catherine Pascal, co-proprietor of Domaine du Cellier aux Moines in Burgundy.

Brie Cheese Quiche

Julia Child's classic French quiche boasts a super-silky texture thanks to heavy cream whisked into the egg filling. Paired with a flaky tart dough, tender bacon, and egg custard, it's a timeless favorite.

Quiche Lorraine

Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten's twist on the Alsatian pizza features bacon, onions, and cheddar folded into a light custard and baked in a buttery pastry crust for a delightful savory treat.

Bacon, Cheddar, and Onion Quiche

Chef Thomas Keller's high-rising, mushroom-packed quiche is a culinary masterpiece, boasting a rich flavor and luxurious texture that's well worth the effort.

Over-the-Top Mushroom Quiche

Earthiness meets tanginess in this classic vegetarian brunch dish, combining fresh spinach and creamy goat cheese for a delightful flavor profile.

Spinach and Goat Cheese Quiche

Thinly sliced apples and ham nestled in a herby custard make for a delightful savory-sweet combination in this comforting quiche.

Apple-Ham Quiche

Chef Billy Allin's quiche is a celebration of cold-weather flavors, featuring roasted Brussels sprouts and nutty Gruyère cheese.

Roasted Brussels Sprout and Gruyère Quiche

Similar to a frittata, this crustless quiche is packed with spinach and shallots, making it a convenient make-ahead option for breakfast or brunch.

Crustless Spinach Quiche

With its crisp, buttery crust and rich egg custard filled with smoky bacon, leeks, and savory Gruyère cheese, this classic quiche is sure to be a hit.

Bacon and Leek Quiche