9 Hair Salon Etiquette Rules You Might Be Breaking

Showing Up on Time

Arriving on time is crucial as stylists' schedules are usually tight. Being late can disrupt the entire salon's schedule and is inconsiderate to other clients. Even a 15-minute grace period can significantly reduce your appointment time, so it s best to be punctual.

Calling Ahead If You Are Late

If you anticipate being more than five minutes late, it s polite to call the salon in advance. For delays of 15 minutes or more, calling ahead is essential to potentially adjust your services or reschedule your appointment.

Showing Up Too Early

Arriving too early isn t ideal either. It can pressure the stylist to rush their current client. If you want to see if you can start earlier, call ahead to check if the stylist is available. Otherwise, you might end up waiting until your scheduled time or later.

During Your Appointment: Talking on the Phone

Talking on the phone during your appointment is inconsiderate to both salon employees and other clients. Unless it s an emergency, avoid making phone calls while at the salon.

Making Small Talk

Always acknowledge and engage with your stylist. Greet them, respond when spoken to, and make light conversation when appropriate. It s impolite to completely ignore the person providing your service.


While lighthearted chat is fine, avoid treating your stylist as a therapist. They are paid for their styling skills, not for listening to personal issues. Keep the conversation light and professional.

Voicing Concerns

If you re unhappy with your finished look, it s better to communicate directly with your stylist before leaving. Politely note the areas of concern and give them a chance to make adjustments.

Being a Gossip

While some gossiping can occur in salons, keep it light and avoid badmouthing other salon employees. Speaking negatively about others can create awkwardness and is unprofessional.

Hair Salon Guide to Tipping

Tipping is customary in the hair industry. The standard tip is 20% of the service fee, but you can always tip more for excellent service. Many stylists rely on tips as part of their income, so ensure to tip appropriately.