9 Inspired-By-Nature Color Palettes for a Beautiful Home

Tranquil Stream:

Embrace the serenity of a flowing stream with a palette of watery blues and greens. Use turquoise, aqua, teal, azure, and baby blue for a calming effect.

Lush Forest:

Channel the richness of a verdant forest with a palette of deep greens. Include mossy green as your base, accented with touches of jet black and pops of warm rust for an autumnal feel.

Sun-Kissed Meadow:

Create a cheerful and inviting space with a palette inspired by a sun-drenched meadow. Combine yellows like buttercup and dandelion with vibrant greens and touches of lavender or violet.

Sandy Beach:

Bring the calming vibes of the coast into your home with a sandy beach palette. Use beige, tan, and cream tones as your base, accented with soft blues and touches of seafoam green.

Terracotta Desert:

Evoke the warmth and drama of a desert landscape with a terracotta palette. Include terracotta, putty, khaki, taupe, and amber for a sophisticated and grounding feel.

Dramatic Night Sky:

Capture the mystery and wonder of the night sky with a deep and moody palette. Use navy blue or charcoal grey as your base, accented with touches of silver and inky black for a touch of starlight.

Flaming Sunset:

Recreate the fiery beauty of a sunset with a vibrant palette. Use oranges, reds, and pinks as your main colors, balanced with calming touches of lavender or purple.

Blooming Flower Garden:

Celebrate the joy of spring with a floral-inspired palette. Use soft pinks, peaches, and lavenders as your base, with pops of brighter colors like fuchsia or turquoise for a touch of whimsy.

Lush Vineyard:

Create a sophisticated and inviting space with a vineyard-inspired palette. Use deep purples, rich reds, and earthy greens for a luxurious and elegant feel.