9 Reasons You'll Want To Add Basil To Your Garden ASAP

Basil is good for the bees

This herb is multifunctional in the cooking and beneficial to bees, so plant it in your garden.

It's easy to propagate

Simply use scissors and a small bottle of water to propagate basil. Basil cuttings should be taken when the plant is 5-6 inches tall and growing new leaves.

Basil is easy to dry and preserve

Fresh basil may not grow year-round in your region, but it's easy to preserve, so you can enjoy its slightly minty, earthy flavor year-round.

Certain varieties of basil have beautiful flowers

Spotting basil in potted flower arrangements has become in popularity, especially outside eateries where a few sprigs are useful.

Basil will help your tomatoes thrive

What's better than a fresh basil-ripe tomato salad? Nothing says fresh like this mix. Growing basil near tomato plants can boost fruit growth and flavor.

Basil can repel flies in your garden and house

Fly-attracting sources include fertilizers, compost piles, and rotting debris. Flys in your beautiful garden are the last thing you want.

Basil can repel wasps

The herb basil is used in various cuisines worldwide. Basil is a great wasp repellant, although few gardeners know this.

Basil can attract bugs that eat pests

Basil attracts bugs that eat pests that harm plants, which benefits your garden. This is another companion planting stage.

Basil can distract slugs and snails from destroying your garden crops

Finally, this multipurpose herb deters slugs and snails from eating your garden plants: another important job.