9 Short nail designs for office Ladies

Monochrome Mani

Shorter lengths allow vibrant color to shine without dominating it.

Red Line Drawings

This manicure is a modern take on a cult favorite. It has clean lines and beautiful designs.

Allover Floral

What's the best shape for short nails?  The strongest form is squoval, which is square with softly rounded corners. There is nothing to catch or snag on it.

Embellished Tips

This manicure is a minimalist's dream with a hint of excess. Without the gold-beaded tips, these sheer short nails would be invisible. A little glitter goes far.

Red Negative Space

This elegant negative-space design makes red nail polish stand out. We like mismatched for humor.

Pastel Checkers

Use pastel blue instead of black to update a checkerboard design. These Chillhouse press-ons make it easy to paint the design without worrying.

Abstract Strokes

Whether striped against a white background or clustered, light, feathery strokes with vivid colors offer curiosity. "Remember regular maintenance,

Star Studded

Incoming spirit fingers. Short nails look great with light pink, deep burgundy, and stars.

Bright Duality

Undecided on color? Choose both (neon green and metallic silver) and paint in vertical (or diagonal!) half-and-half parts.