AGT Host Heidi Klum on Why She s Glad that Simon Cowell Does Whatever He Wants

Simon Cowell decided to change the rules for Season 19 of "America's Got Talent," allowing each judge two Golden Buzzers, stating "New season, new rules."

Simon Cowell's Rule Change:

Heidi Klum supported Simon's decision, noting that he often does what he wants because he is the boss and has a clear vision for the show.

Heidi Klum's Reaction:

Heidi appreciates having two Golden Buzzers as it allows judges to advance more deserving acts directly to the Live Shows, reducing competition among judges.

Increased Opportunities:

Despite the additional Golden Buzzers, the total number of acts making it to the Live Shows remains the same.

No Change in Number of Acts:

The extra Golden Buzzer helps judges ensure that acts they love avoid being cut during the Judges Picks phase.

Ensuring Favorite Acts Advance:

Heidi used her first Golden Buzzer for Richard Goodall, a humble 55-year-old janitor with an impressive performance, ensuring his spot in the Live Shows.

Heidi's First Golden Buzzer of the Season:

Heidi feels deeply connected to some contestants, appreciating their stories and talents, as seen with her admiration for Richard Goodall.

Emotional Connection with Contestants:

Heidi loves being a part of AGT, likening it to the best time in school, and enjoys the diversity and talent showcased on the show.

Enjoying the AGT Experience: