Apple brings free call recording and transcription to iPhones; journalists rejoice

In November 2001, Dan Wood, a Macintosh developer, released Watson, an app designed to complement Apple's Sherlock search tool. 

In July 2002, Apple unveiled updates to its operating system, including a new version of Sherlock with features identical to Watson's. 

Back in 2002, Apple was worth around $4 billion with a 3% market share in the PC market. Fast forward to 2024, Apple is valued at about $3 trillion and is often the most valuable company globally.

At the recent World Wide Developer Conference, Apple announced numerous new features. 

Apple revealed that iPhones will soon be able to record phone interviews and transcribe them automatically after the call. 

Popular apps like TapeACall, Otter, and MacWhisper, which offer recording and transcription services, may be affected by Apple's new feature. 

Apple's new feature might have limitations. It's not expected to release until iOS 18, likely in September, and may only be available on the most recent iPhones. 

While the new recording and transcription feature could be a game-changer, it remains to be seen how effective it will be.