Dachshund puppy who "isn't hungry" hides bone in worst place possible

Rocky is an 11-month-old miniature dachshund known for his discerning eating habits and distinctive behaviors. Michelle Vach and her fiancé chose him from a breeder in California specifically because of his small size.

Despite being a picky eater, Rocky has proven to be quite adaptable to travel. He has taken several long flights, including nine-hour journeys to Germany to meet Vach's family and friends.

Rocky enjoys a variety of activities, including playing fetch, hiking, and digging at the beach. He also loves cuddling with his owners and spending quality time with them.

Initially, Rocky struggled with separation anxiety and would cry when left alone. Over time, he has become more independent but still shows immense excitement whenever Vach or her fiancé return home.

One of Rocky's quirky behaviors is his tendency to hide bones and toys. This behavior stems from dachshunds' innate instincts to protect their food and valuables. Despite his efforts, his hiding spots.

Vach describes Rocky as having a dual personality he can be calm and loving one moment, and mischievous and energetic the next. His playful antics include stealing items.

Rocky sometimes displays unconventional behaviors related to food and play. For instance, when hungry, instead of eating his food, he may engage in frenetic activities.

Despite his quirky behaviors, Vach deeply loves Rocky and appreciates his unique personality traits. She finds joy in his playful nature and wouldn't change anything about him.