How Jonathan Bailey Juggled 'Wicked' With 'Fellow Travelers': It Was Fame From the Waist Down

Busy Schedule of Jonathan Bailey

British actor Jonathan Bailey, known for his role as Lord Anthony Bridgerton, has captured hearts with diverse roles across various series and films.

Breakout Roles

Bailey starred in the second season of Netflix s hit romance, Bridgerton, and played Tim Laughlin in Showtime s Fellow Travelers.

Upcoming Projects

He will soon feature as Fiyero in Jon M. Chu s Wicked adaptation, a role he landed after being discovered on YouTube.

Juggling Projects

Bailey managed to film Bridgerton season three part two and Fellow Travelers simultaneously, even practicing dance routines during breaks.

Challenges of Playing Tim

Playing Tim in Fellow Travelers required Bailey to depict a transformation from a conservative congressional staffer to a radical queer man.

Learning American History

Bailey, a Brit, had to familiarize himself with significant American historical moments, from McCarthyism to the AIDS crisis, to portray his character accurately.

Importance of Queer Representation

Bailey emphasizes the significance of casting queer actors in queer roles, highlighting the impact on authenticity and storytelling.

Chemistry with Matt Bomer

Bailey's on-screen chemistry with Matt Bomer in Fellow Travelers was crucial, portraying a nuanced and dynamic relationship.

Intimate Scenes

Bailey found filming intimate scenes essential for portraying the depth and evolution of queer relationships, reflecting characters' internal struggles and societal pressures.