"Is 'Hit Man' Based on a True Story? Fact-Checking Glen Powell's Netflix Movie on Gary Johnson"

"Hit Man" is based on a true story, inspired by a 2001 Texas Monthly article by Skip Hollandsworth.

Movie Basis

The character Gary Johnson, played by Glen Powell, is a real-life undercover police officer who posed as a fake assassin to catch people attempting to hire killers.

Real-Life Inspiration

Glen Powell stars as Gary Johnson and co-wrote the movie, aiming to secure a role he might not have otherwise been given.

Main Actor and Role

Richard Linklater directed the film, interested in exploring and debunking the myth of the hit man as created by popular culture.

Director's Vision

Gary Johnson, a professor of human sexuality and psychology, worked undercover in Houston, successfully assisting in the arrests of over 70 individuals soliciting murder.

Factual Background

The movie includes a fictional romantic subplot where Johnson falls in love with a woman who wanted her husband killed.

Fiction vs. Reality

The film portrays Johnson helping a woman at Starbucks, which is based on a true incident where Johnson helped an abuse victim instead of arresting her.

Ethical Dilemma