Melanie Wilking Denounces Threats Made to Sister Miranda Derrick After Release of Dancing for the Devil (Exclusive)

Melanie Wilking denounces the threats made to her sister, Miranda Derrick, following the release of "Dancing for the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult."

Denouncement of Threats: 

Wilking expresses concern for her sister's safety, stating that their intention was to save Miranda from an unsafe environment and offer support.

Safety Concerns: 

Wilking explains her disconnection from the Shekinah Church, noting that she recognized red flags and listened to outside influences confirming her concerns.

Disconnection from Church: 

Miranda's involvement with James Derrick and the Church changed the dynamic within their family, leading to surface-level interactions and broken trust.

Shift in Family Dynamics: 

Wilking emphasizes the importance of speaking out against the church's practices for the safety and well-being of her sister and others involved.

Importance of Speaking Out

Responding to Miranda's claim about their focus on the documentary over their relationship, Wilking suggests it's a tactic from the church and emphasizes the documentary's broader context beyond their family.


Despite challenges, Wilking believes their actions have resulted in positive outcomes, including members leaving the organization and raising awareness about the church's control.

Positive Outcomes: 

While communication with Miranda has been limited, Wilking expresses hope for reconciliation and a return to their previous family dynamic.

Hope for Reconciliation: