Mexican singer A ngela Aguilar confirms relationship with Christian Nodal amid his recent breakup

Christian Nodal, the Mexican singer-songwriter, has entered a new relationship with Àngela Aguilar, Pepe Aguilar's daughter, shortly after his breakup with Argentine rapper and singer Cazzu.

The couple confirmed their relationship in an exclusive interview, describing it as a continuation of their story, marked by growth and closeness after a pause in their lives.

Their romance is not only personal but also professional, as they have collaborated on music together, including the duet "Dime Cómo Quieres" released in 2020.

Nodal's previous relationship with Cazzu ended on amicable terms, with both expressing love and respect for each other, particularly as co-parents to their daughter, Inti.

Addressing rumors, Nodal denied any infidelity, emphasizing that sometimes love simply doesn't work out, and he is now embracing a new chapter with Aguilar.

Cazzu, in response to the breakup, shared a message on social media, acknowledging the ups and downs of love and expressing gratitude to her supporters for their understanding.

Nodal's journey through relationships, from his engagement with Belinda to his current involvement with Aguilar, reflects the complexities of love and life, which he has openly discussed in interviews.