Mystery over Lake Mead fire that engulfed 26 boats

A fire at Lake Mead, Nevada, destroyed 11 boats and injured two people at the Las Vegas Boat Harbor. The blaze started around 12:30 am local time on a Sunday.

Kaiser and her daughter initiated evacuation procedures, rescuing individuals who were staying overnight on their boats.

Gail Kaiser, the harbor owner, described the incident as devastating, potentially threatening their business. The fire affected the R and I wings of the dock.

One person suffered burns, while another, a firefighter, declined treatment for smoke inhalation.

Despite the incident, most of the marina remains open to the public, although the affected areas are cordoned off and monitored by rangers.

Authorities, including Clark County Fire and the National Parks Service, are investigating the cause of the fire. Underwater cameras were deployed to assess damage and determine the fire's origin.

Lake Mead serves as a crucial water source for Arizona, California, Nevada, and parts of Mexico. Concerns about water shortages have persisted since the reservoir fell below full capacity in 1986.