Netflix top 10 movies here s the 3 worth watching right now

Netflix's top 10 list of most-watched movies is a great place to start if you're looking for something to watch this weekend. It features all the movies that are most popular with the streaming service's members.

'Anyone But You' (2023)

"Anyone But You," the No. 1 smash on Netflix that features Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell, is a must-see for fans of Romcoms. When financial nerd Ben (Powell) and law student Bea (Sweeney) meet at a coffee shop, there are fireworks. However, their idyllic first date swiftly goes south.

'What Jennifer Did' (2024)

Netflix has established a reputation for producing gripping real crime documentaries in recent years. The latest addition to the streamer's lineup, "What Jennifer Did," is almost certain to stick with you long after the last credits have rolled.

'King Richard' (2021)

"King Richard," the film that brought Will Smith his Oscar, is undoubtedly more of a performance than a satisfying full work, but what a performance from the seasoned actor. Let's not discuss his conduct on that specific night, though. 

Netflix top 10 movies right now


1. "Anyone But You" (2023) 2. "Smurfs: The Lost Village" (2017) 3. "Rebel Moon Part Two: The Scargiver" (2024) "4. King Richard" (2021) 5. "Hack Your Health: The Secrets of Your Gut" (2024)

6. "The Super Mario Bros. Movie" (2023) 7. "Rust Creek" (2018) 8. "Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp" (2024) 9. "What Jennifer Did" (2024) 10. "Anna" (2019)