Sponsor Conflict Keeping Joey Chestnut Out Of Hot Dog Eating Contest

Joey Chestnut's Departure from Nathan's Contest

Joey Chestnut, the 16-time champion of the Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest, will not compete in the upcoming Fourth of July event. Major League Eating (MLE) announced his absence due to his decision to represent another hot dog brand.

Sponsorship Deal with Impossible Foods

Chestnut has agreed to a sponsorship deal with Impossible Foods, a company known for its plant-based hot dogs. This partnership with a rival brand to Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs has led to his exclusion from the Nathan's contest.

Joey Chestnut's Departure from Nathan's Contest

Chestnut has won the Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest eight years in a row, with a total of 16 championships. His record includes consuming 76 hot dogs and buns in 2021, the highest in the event's history.

MLE's Statement on Chestnut's Exclusion

MLE expressed disappointment over Chestnut's decision to represent a competing brand. The organization stated that despite efforts to accommodate Chestnut and his management, including allowing him to compete in other unbranded contests.

Chestnut's Response to His Exclusion

In his statement, Chestnut expressed his disappointment about not being able to compete in the Nathan's contest. He mentioned his love for the event and his training efforts to defend his title, emphasizing that the decision to exclude.

Impossible Foods' Support for Chestnut

Impossible Foods has publicly supported Chestnut's decision to represent their brand. They stated that meat eaters should not be limited to one type of hot dog, showing their backing for Chestnut's participation in any eating contest.

Chestnut's Future Plans

Despite his exclusion from the Nathan's contest, Chestnut assured his fans that he would continue to compete in other eating contests. He promised to return to the competitive eating spotlight soon.

Historical Context of Chestnut's Participation

Chestnut's participation and dominance in the Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest have made him an iconic figure in competitive eating. His absence from this year's event marks a significant change in the contest's landscape.