The 8 Best Fat-Burning Foods To Lose Weight in a Healthy Way

You should cook some of these whole grains, says Gomer. They are high in fiber and protein, which will help you feel full for longer. They go well with any meal or can be used as a salad base.

Quinoa and brown rice

According to research, a high-protein diet is a safe and effective way to lose weight and avoid diseases linked to fat. That's because protein does more than just help muscles grow and heal.

Lean proteins

Researchers have found that cinnamon may work like insulin, which can change how sugar and carbs are broken down. "Being around cinnamon speeds up your metabolism.


Researchers have found that ginseng can help you lose weight by making your metabolism faster, burning more fat, and giving you more energy during the day. Tea with ginseng in it, like this one, is the best way to take it.


Dr. Petre says that fresh ginger root is full of good nutrients and helps relax the digestive system. It may also help reduce swelling and cholesterol, make digestion better, relax you, and burn fat.


Dr. Petre says that turmeric's anti-inflammatory properties may speed up the digestion. "Turmeric also has an anti-inflammatory substance called curcumin that stops fat, pancreatic.


Because it is low in calories and high in vitamins and minerals, kale is known as a superfood. "Kale has manganese in it, which is a mineral your cells need to turn food into energy," says Dr. Petre.


The fact that cucumbers are mostly water and low in calories makes them a great food for weight loss. In fact, a review of studies with more than 3,000 subjects found that eating foods that are high in water.