These Are The 7 Weirdest Animals In The World

Proboscis Monkey

The name "long-nosed monkey" also refers to this peculiar-looking animal due of its absurdly enormous nose. It is an indigenous species of Old World monkey native to the southeast Asian island of Borneo.


How amazing your horns are! A big species of Capra native to Central Asia, the Karakoram and the Himalayas is called the markhor, or screw horn goat.

Oriental dwarf kingfisher

When you can rock them all at once, why limit yourself to just one color? This colorful bird is adept at making a statement with her outfit. 


Whoa, we wouldn't want to take care of this guy's teeth! The gharial, sometimes referred to as a gavial or fish-eating crocodile, lives on the sandy banks of freshwater rivers found in India.


In reality, the aye-aye is really a long-fingered lemur with an unusually thin and long middle finger. It is the largest nocturnal primate species in the world and comes from Madagascar. 

Maratus Jactatus

Not that we would have expected the Maratus jactatus to be any less brilliant, given its namesake, sparklemuffin. This striking arachnid belongs to the jumping spider family and is an Australian species of peacock spider.


Ratites, or birds without wings, include cassowaries. There are three kinds worldwide, with the southern cassowary being the second-heaviest and third-tallest avian species.