Top 8 Fragrant Roses to Perfume Your Garden

Honey Perfume

The petals of this rose smell like cloves, cinnamon, allspice, and nutmeg, making it one of the most fragrant. This perennial blooming is a crowd-pleaser with gorgeous flowers

Fragrant Plum

'Fragrant Plum' has lavender petals that flush to smokey purple at the margins. Its deep plum-like aroma and big blossoms make it ideal for cut flower bouquets.

Radiant Perfume

These grandiflora roses are named 'Radiant Perfume,' which says it all. The large, golden-yellow blossoms smell strongly of citrus. The long stems make the blooms ideal for trimming and bringing sunlight within.


'Heritage,' a superb English rose, with lemon-scented soft-pink petals. It has less thorns on its canes than other roses and is disease-resistant, which gardeners like.

Louise Odier

The 'Louise Odier' bourbon rose, introduced in 1851, is a hardy historical garden rose that is popular as a cut flower. Longtime gardeners love its beautiful pink summer blossoms and fragrant smell.

Madame Plantier

The 1835-bred 'Madame Plantier' alba rose has endured. One glance (and smell) will show why: White flowers have many petals and a lovely scent. As a climbing rose, this rose may grow large.

Fragrant Cloud

'Fragrant Cloud' rose's enormous coral-red flowers are fragrant. This hybrid tea rose smells like pumpkin pie with citrus, spice, fruit, and pink damask.

Autumn Damask

Some call it the four seasons rose, and perfumers love it. The oldest European rose to repeat its blooms, it blooms profusely in spring and sparsely in summer and autumn.