Top 8 Plants For Kitchen Garden This Year

Since the lemongrass plant is native to a tropical environment, you must shield it from the cold.


A perennial with gorgeous purple, pink, and white flowers with a strong scent. Mint plants thrive on soil that is both moist and well-drained.

Common Mint Plant

These plants enhance the taste and aroma of your kitchen. These plants draw butterflies and other beneficial insects to your kitchen like a magnet.

Marwa, Marjoram 

This plant is completely edible, preferable in an urban setting, and deserves some shade.

Mentha Arvensis 

A wonderful herb with outstanding benefits for both medical and ayurvedic uses is holy basil.

Holy Basil

One hardy plant that doesn't need a lot of upkeep or attention is the rosemary plant.


To allow water to flow through the pot smoothly, make sure the plant is kept in one with good drainage.


Dill is a plant that grows well in containers indoors or out.  To accommodate the tall plant and its lengthy roots, you need use a deep container.