Travis Kelce Says He 'Thoroughly Enjoys Cooking' with Taylor Swift

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift's Cooking Moments

Travis Kelce keeps details about cooking with Taylor Swift private but confirms he enjoys it.

Pop-Tart and Cinnamon Roll Praise

Kelce revealed that Swift makes excellent Pop-Tarts and cinnamon rolls, delighting reporters with this fun fact.

Swift's Baking Fame Begins

Swift first gained attention for her baking in 2014 when she shared her chai sugar cookies recipe on Instagram.

End of Feud Cookies

In 2019, Katy Perry revealed that Swift baked cookies decorated with "Peace at last" to symbolize the end of their feud.

Swift Bakes for Kelce

After going public with Kelce in September 2023, Swift's baking became a topic again, with Bernie Kosar noting she made cinnamon rolls for Kelce before a Chiefs game.

Andy Reid's Pop-Tart Joke

Chiefs coach Andy Reid joked in February and March 2024 about Swift making Pop-Tarts for the team but not sharing with him.

Kelce and Swift's Cooking Video

In an April YouTube short, Kelce is seen kissing Swift while she cooks, highlighting their shared kitchen moments.

Kelce's Social Media Response

Kelce responded humorously to Reid's comments on Instagram, agreeing to save some baked goods for the coach.