Watch: Actor Kevin Spacey breaks down, says owes millions in legal fees

Kevin Spacey recently appeared on British host Piers Morgan's show, where he broke down emotionally while discussing his financial struggles. This interview was notable for its raw and candid nature, highlighting the severe financial pressures Spacey is currently facing.

Emotional Interview with Piers Morgan:

During the interview, Spacey revealed that he is on the verge of bankruptcy, implying that his financial situation is dire. He stated that he owes millions of dollars in legal fees, which have severely impacted his financial stability.

Verge of Bankruptcy:

When asked about his current financial status, Spacey responded that he has "none," indicating that he has no available assets or significant funds left. This statement underscores the gravity of his financial predicament.

No Current Assets: 

Spacey mentioned that despite not having filed for bankruptcy yet, he remains under substantial debt. He has managed to avoid bankruptcy for now, but the looming debt continues to be a significant burden

Legal Debt: 

To address his financial woes, Spacey stated that his only plan is to "get back on the horse" and return to work in order to pay off his debts. This indicates his intention to revive his career as a means to recover financially.

Plan to Resume Work: 

Spacey has faced multiple accusations of sexual assault. He was previously accused of sexually assaulting four men but was cleared of all charges. These legal battles have contributed significantly to his financial troubles.

Previous Legal Accusations:

Despite being cleared of previous charges, Spacey is currently facing another lawsuit involving a sexual assault accusation. This ongoing legal issue adds to his financial and personal challenges, prolonging his legal battles and associated costs.

Ongoing Lawsuit:

The interview and Spacey's admissions have sparked public interest and concern about his future prospects. His revelation about his financial struggles and plans to return to work highlight the ongoing impact of his legal issues on his career and life.

Public Reaction and Future Prospects: